Change your RULES to change your MINDSET.
We all have obstacles in our life that is why LOGIC’s program is about seeing problems the right way by focusing on our mindset. This will help us to understand the concept of ill-being and its roots; understand that we suffer and we recognize that suffering is there and then we look deeply to see its origins and accept it.
Once there is an acceptance to obstacles caused by change the journey to Well Being starts.

Key Learnings:

  • Understanding how our brain work when anticipating change.
  • Knowing that change is the only constant in life and we need to deal with it.
  • Coping with the new era the world is facing using the VUCA prime model.
  • Understanding that failure is the beginning of a learning experience.
  • Knowing how to fail forward and how to fail fast.
  • Building a resilient mindset to fit the 2021 market.


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