Whenever we hear the word “Etiquette” the word “restrictions” jumps to our heads too! However, the reality is that Etiquette outlines a set of accepted manners that shows respect to others and makes them feel comfortable.

In a simple yet very interactive format, LOGIC’s Business Etiquette Course revolves around a large board game that walks participants through the basics of business etiquette and changes the way they see “etiquette”. Making it reasonable, familiar, delightful and interesting!

LOGIC’s Business Etiquette course is the first to use a competitive board game which participants play in teams throughout the 2 days and that conveys the Business Etiquette guidelines using:

  • Pull rather than Push Teaching Strategy
  • Bits & Pieces rather than Bulk information
  • Competition rather than steady environment

Key Learnings:

  • The 4 Ps of Etiquette
    • Persona – What matters to YOU
    • People – What matters to OTHERS
    • Place – What matters in a WORKPLACE
    • Plug – How to use DEVICES 


  • Hours
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