Middle managers role is phenomenal in any organization, they are often referred to as the “glue” that holds the company together, bridging the gap between top management and lower level employees. Yet promoted to a middle management position, most people face a disease called “Managerial Amnesia” which causes the manager to be unclear about what they are supposed to do and how they should act. Managers with this disease are in some way not fully taking on the role of middle manager – which causes the glue that holds the company to be vulnerable and weak.


LOGIC invites your middle managers to a Middle Management Development Program (POLCA), to effectively turn your business objectives to business results. By attending POLCA you will witness the transition as you put Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling in Action!

Key Learnings:

  • Plan (6 days)
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Finance for Non-financiers
    • Find the Star (Recruitment)
  • Organize (2 days)
    • TIME (Time Management)
  • Lead (5 days)
    • LEAD (Leadership & Engagement)
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Who Killed Change? (Change Management)
  • Control (4 days)
    • Drive Performance (Performance Management)
    • Mindfield (Problem Solving & Decision Making)
  • Action (3 days)
    • Business Decisions (Business Simulation)



  • Hours