Most Negotiation Skills programs focus on strategies & tactics, however, in Huthwaite’s course, we also focus on behaviors, capitalizing on the company’s research based background.
This factor is the reason behind Huthwaite’s better universal ranking versus Harvard’s ‘Getting to Yes’ Negotiation Skills program.
This makes our program an eye-opening experience to anyone who attends.

Key Learnings:

  • Realize the difference between selling & negotiating.
  • Set a framework for analyzing the context of negotiation.
  • Prepare an optimal negotiating position.
  • Learn a diversified set of tactics to manage the negotiation.
  • Apply the Skill Model of effective negotiators.
  • Set strategies for maintaining a positive climate & overcoming deadlocks.
  • Get constructive, numerical & objective feedback on performance.


  • Hours
Huthwaite Negotiation Skills Huthwaite Negotiation Skills