Unlike most of the sales training programs that focus on one aspect of a sale, Huthwaite’s ASMS lays its focus on collectively combining all elements of the selling process, making the program a comprehensive & rational experience.

Huthwaite has produced set of models which will help participants understand the complex rational selling environment & plan a series of strategies which will help them reach their goal: Winning profitable business while developing loyal customer relationships.

Key Learnings:

  • Develop the customer’s perception of the value of your solution.
  • Reach and influence all the key people involved in the decision making process.
  • Influence the customer’s decision criteria in your favor by understanding their decision making process and the actions you need to take at each stage.
  • Analyze your position versus each of your competitors and plan a strategy for strengthening your position against each one.
  • Minimize the customer’s perception of the risks involved in making a decision in your favor.
  • Map the critical incidents during the planned implementation and develop appropriate strategies for addressing these issues with the customer.


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