SPIN; the most validated B2B sales technique in the world. Focuses on the buyer’s psychology, revealing & magnifying needs through a question-based approach extracted from an intensive, multicultural, 40 years research, making the sales encounter more of a consultative nature ensuring higher ratios of closing deals.

Key Learnings:

  • SPIN Selling describes a sales tool that will enable sales teams to instantly become more customer-centric by revealing the questions that need to be asked to build rapport, credibility and pave the way for a sale
  • Understanding the psychology of customer’s needs
  • Know & describe the key behaviors or skills used by effective salespeople in their interactions with customers 
  • Learn & practice the skills to develop customer’s need in a way that reduces customer’s objections
  • Measure numerically the performance compared with the Skill Model and create an Action Plan for continued development of the skills after the program


  • Hours
Huthwaite SPIN Selling Skills Huthwaite SPIN Selling Skills