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Huthwaite- UK the world leader in sales solutions, have dug deep into  successful sales people’s behavior, conducting a comprehensive research to develop the world international SPIN range.

spin selling

When customers are making critical buying decisions they go through a decision cycle. Our buying cycle model demonstrates the different phases they experience. Having conducted research into what successful salespeople do at each stage of this model, Huthwaite–UK developed a suite of sales training courses that can either stand alone or form a comprehensive sales effectiveness program.

What you will learn?

By the end of the program each participant will:

  • Have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of their present selling style.
  • Be able to describe the psychology of customer needs.
  • Be able to describe the key behaviors, or skills, used by effective salespeople in their interactions with customers.
  • Have a framework for planning sales calls in terms of these behaviors.
  • Have frequently practiced using the skills to develop customer needs in a way that greatly reduces the likelihood of objections.
  • Have a strategy for dealing with difficult customers who raise objections or have low reaction levels.
  • Have measured objectively their performance compared with the Skill Model and created an Action Plan for continued development of the skills after the program.

Is it right for me?

SPIN Selling is designed for any employee involved in the sale of high value goods and services. In addition to the obvious audience of sales executives and sales managers, this program can be very beneficial to engineers, technical specialists or sales support staff who are involved in the selling process or who may be exposed to selling opportunities in the course of their work with customers.

Course Curriculum

  • Basic principles of Behavior Analysis – how it is used in research and skill development.
  • Understanding your present selling style – are you a natural ‘pusher’ or ‘puller’.
  • The psychology of customer needs – Implied and Explicit Needs defined – what they tell you about the customer’s state of mind – which needs predict success in the sale.
  • Opening the call – avoiding a ‘canned’ approach – establishing the right to ask questions.
  • The SPIN® Model for developing needs.
  • Situation Questions.
  • Problem Questions.
  • Implication Questions.
  • Need-payoff Questions.
  • Demonstrating your capability – the real definition of a Benefit – dangers of Features and Advantages.
  • Objections – the myth exploded; they don’t indicate interest or opportunity  how to prevent them – how to handle them.
  • Low Reactors – how to identify them – why they are dangerous – how to handle them.
  • Closing – why early, frequent closing is dangerous – the one, simple way to gain a commitment.
Duration 3 days
Language English and Arabic
Participants 8 - 14
5,700 EGP

Schedule Runs

2012-09-04 09:00:00
2014-12-31 17:00:00