Huthwaite SPIN Selling Skills



What’s Unique?

SPIN ; the most validated B2B sales technique in the world, focuses on the buyer’s psychology, revealing & magnifying needs through a question-based approach extracted from an intensive, multicultural,   40 years research, making the sales encounter more of a consultative nature ensuring higher ratios of closing deals

Key Learnings
  • SPIN Selling describes a sales tool that will enable sales teams to instantly become more customer-centric by revealing the questions that need to be asked to build rapport, credibility and pave the way for a sale
  • Understanding the psychology of customers’ needs
  • Know & describe the key behaviors, or skills, used by effective salespeople in their interactions with customers
  • Developing a framework for planning sales calls
  • Learn & practice the skills to develop customer’s need in a way that reduces customer’s objections
  • Measure numerically the performance compared with the Skill Model and create an Action Plan for continued development of the skills after the program.
Program Content
  • Understanding your present selling style – are you a natural ‘pusher’ or ‘puller’.
  • The psychology of customer needs – Implied and Explicit Needs defined – what they tell you about the customer’s state of mind – which needs predict success in the sale.
  • Opening the call – avoiding a ‘canned’ approach – establishing the right to ask questions.
  • The SPIN® Model for developing needs
  • Situation Questions
  • Problem Questions
  • Implication Questions
  • Need-payoff Questions.
  • Demonstrating your capability – the real definition of a Benefit – dangers of Features and Advantages
  • Closing – why early, frequent closing is dangerous – the one, simple way to gain a commitment

LOGIC Methodology

SPIN is based on insights from research followed by intensive and engaging practice that is based on 3 types of activities,

  1. Behavioral Recognition Exercises
  2. Behavioral Generation Exercises
  3. Role plays & case studies

Participants get out of the program with an accurate, numerical & easy to follow action plan, which will reinforce all the learnings of the program

Target Audience:
Any employees involved in the sale of goods or services, which are seen as high-value, important decisions by the buyer. In addition to the obvious audience of sales executives and sales managers, this program can be very beneficial to engineers, technical specialists or sales support staff who are involved in the selling process or who may be exposed to selling opportunities in the course of their work with customers.
Duration :      3 Days
Capacity :      8 -12 Participants
Language :    English & Arabic 
Fees :             5,700 EGP

Schedule Runs

2012-09-04 09:00:00
2012-09-06 17:00:00