Polca (Middle Management Development Program)



Almost every company has them. They may be a total of six or 6,000 and they all share the same job category – Middle Managers. They are often referred to as the “glue” that holds the company together, bridging the gap between top management team and lower level workers. They implement strategy and organizational changes, keeping workers engaged during both good and difficult times.

Middle managers role is phenomenal in any organization, yet promoted to a middle management position, most people face a disease called “Managerial Amnesia” which causes the manager to be unclear about what they are supposed to do and how they should act. Managers with this disease are in some way not fully taking on the role of middle manager – which causes the glue that holds the company to be vulnerable and weak.

LOGIC invites your middle managers to a Middle Management Development Program (POLCA), accredited by ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) in the UK to effectively turn your business objectives to business results. By attending POLCA you will witness the transition of your middle managers as they put Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling in Action!

Program Objective

To assist your middle managers with developing all necessary skills and introduce tools that will help them to fully take on the role of a middle manager who will transform business objectives into successful business results and performance.

Who should attend?

Any person in or will acquire a middle management position in any organization.


  • ILM Accredited: The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is the UK’s largest management body, combining industry-leading qualifications and specialist member services. Last year 90,000 people enhanced their leadership and management skills with an ILM qualification, while over 30,000 ambitious management professionals secured increased professional recognition and support through ILM membership. ILM formed in November 2001 through the merger of the Institute of Supervision and Management (ISM) and NEBS Management (National Examining Board for Supervision & Management).
  • Exposure: POLCA combines middle managers from all different industries in the region, this mix provides your middle managers with incomparable exposure to different experience from people with the same profile.
  • Measureable: POLCA starts off with a 360 pre-assessment that the participants, their managers, peers, internal customers and subordinates fills in to measure their current status in the management cycle (Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling). It is then concluded with another 360 post-assessment where your middle managers can see how they have improved in their point of view and others after the completion of the program.
  • Reinforcement: After the completion of each module, participants receive an assignment that requires them to practice/apply the learned skills in this module to ensure knowledge attainment and understanding.

Program Curriculum

polca process

A 10-month program divided into 5 modules, each module consists of 2-day courses, delivered on the second Saturday and Sunday of each month.

Online 360 Pre-Assessment to measure manager’s current level in the management cycle (Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling) before attending the middle management development program.

  • Module 1: Plan (Duration: 3 months)

Plan is the act of determining the organization’s goals and the means for achieving them.

  • Session 1: Strategic Planning: to determine the department’s goals and provide a vision to your team.
  • Session 2: Finance for Non-Financers: each manager needs to know the basic financial and budgeting principles in order to achieve their goals.
  • Session 3: Conducting Professional Interviews: the ability to get the right people that will achieve your goals.

Post-assignment will be sent to participants to reinforce the completion of module 1: PLAN

  • Module 2: Organize (Duration: 1 month)

Organize is the deployment of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals.

  • Session 1: The Choice: Making the correct choices when executing your goals turning them into actionable steps and tasks to achieve them.

Post-assignment will be sent to participants to reinforce the completion of module 2: ORGANIZE

  • Module 3: Lead (Duration: 3 months)

Lead is the ability to influence people towards the attainment of your organizational goals

  • Session 1: Leader’s Anatomy: Engagement is very important for effective leadership.  You will learn to know your people, their talents, motivate and coach them and create effective teams.
  • Session 2: Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution: Any manager faces conflicts within his/her team, you need to be emotionally intelligent and be able to communicate with your people effectively and handle conflicts.
  • Session 3: Change Management: Learn how to lead change and get the buy-in of your people towards change.

Post-assignment will be sent to participants to reinforce the completion of module 3: LEAD

  • Module 4: Control (Duration: 2 months)

Control is the systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities to make them consistent with expectations established in plans, targets and standards of performance.

  • Session 1: What’s your problem?!: To learn how to solve problems when they arise and make effective decisions and contingency actions when things don’t go according to plan.
  • Session 2: Drive Performance: to monitor your employees’ performance throughout the year and make sure they are consistent with the plans of your department.

Post-assignment will be sent to participants to reinforce the completion of module 4: CONTROL

  • Module 5: In Action (Duration 1 month)

Putting the management cycle in action

  • Session 1: Fundamentals of Management Simulation: A full-fledged simulation that will tackle all the elements the participants have learned throughout the previous 9 months

Graduation Ceremony

  • Online 360 Post-Assessment to measure manager’s progress after the completion of the middle management development program and the practice of the management cycle (Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling).


Duration 10 months (Every 2nd Saturday and Sunday)
Language Bilingual
Participants 9 - 16
Fees 15,900 EGP per Participant  + 49 GBP

Schedule Runs

2012-01-08 09:00:00
2012-01-12 17:00:00