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What’s Unique?

This is a “Finance for Non-Financial Managers course” using Experiential Learning Methodology. The program relies on intense interaction, actively engaging participants in a dynamic learning experience. Within this framework LOGIC is proposing its outstanding interactive European Business Simulation. It relies on intense interactions between different functions and different companies. In this simulation you will be able to understand the impact that different departments have on each other and on the business as a whole. In addition to that, you will appreciate the roles of other functions by “walking a mile in their shoes.”
The simulation revolves around a hypothetical-existing business in the manufacturing industry. In groups of 3 or 4, participants take over the company and are required to manage it in competition with the other groups. During the course, participants need to decide on new products, make investment decisions in production facilities, and decide on where to expand regionally. Each individual’s decision is fairly easy to make; but when they are combined, plenty of different opportunities arise!

Key Learnings

The focus is a deeper business, finance, and economic understanding – and the methodology is Experiential Learning or Learning by Doing!

Is it right for me?

This course is designed for upper and middle managers that want to learn more about managing businesses and most importantly learn deeply about financial management.

Course Curriculum:

Participants are distributed in groups of 4-6, who will take over an existing business. Participants need to set product, marketing, sales strategies and execute these strategies over 10 years!

1 - Set long / short term business strategies

As they will be required to develop a medium and a long term strategy for their products, production facilities, marketing and sales.

2 - Plan

Participants will learn about essential planning tools to make sound business decisions.

Course Curriculum (Cont.) :

3 - Use financial analysis to make investment decisions

Participants will also learn how to evaluate their investment decisions by using tools such as the DuPont Pyramids, activity-based costing, payout analysis, liquidity ratios, return on assets, and others.
Participants will be required to deal with long & short-term loans, debtors and interest to finance their operation and handle cash flow.

4 - Decide on marketing Budgets/Regional Expansion

Participants will learn how to set marketing budgets for different products/markets, and decide on regional, domestic & international expansions.

5 - Financial Impact

Participants will learn how their decisions affect the business, as they will need to close the balance sheet & report the financial statements for each year of the 10 years.


Duration:         3 Days 

Capacity:         12 - 30 Participants 

Language:        English & Arabic 

Fees:                3,500 EGP

Schedule Runs

2012-09-02 09:00:00
2012-09-04 17:00:00