Emotional Intelligence

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What’s Unique? 

Your parents chose your name, your social level identified where you live...But not in LOGIC’s EI world! What if your emotional intelligence reflects your identity, your 1st name, family name & where you live? Who would you be? LOGIC invites you to the world of EI, where you will get introduced to your new identity & learn how your EI affects the world around you.
Key Learnings
  • Capture a positive view of yourself, your present and future
  • Perceive and express emotions and how to use them to develop and sustain relationships with others
  • Regulate external pressure, stress, and impulses
  • Start and maintain relationships effectively with others
Program Content
  • What is Emotional intelligence?
  • Why Emotional intelligence?
  • The 90/10 Principle
  • The Emotional intelligence framework:
    • First Name: Serenity
      • How content am I?
        • Steps to become happier
      • How hopeful am I?
        • Getting a Positive Outlook
      • How confident am I?
        • Self-Awareness
        • Self-Esteem
    • Last Name: Self Restraint
      • How well do I manage my emotions
        • Different emotions
        • Prefrontal Cortex
        • Emotional vs. Rational Thinking
      • How well do I control my impulses?
        • Amygdala Hijack
        • Increasing Wait time
        • Instant gratification vs. long-term satisfaction
    • Type of Home: Relationships
      • How well do I understand my emotions?
      • How well do I understand others emotions?
      • How well do I express my emotions?
      • How well do I empathize?
    • Street: Social Awareness
      • How socially aware am I?
        • 3 types of individuals
  • Intent vs. impact
  • Action Plan

LOGIC Methodology

LOGIC's El World stirs up the participants' imagination and helps them visualize how their actions and behaviors reflect upon the environment that they create for themselves.
Participants will be required to complete an online self-assessment prior to the course, which identifies the below,

  1. How well you understand and manage your emotions
  2. How well you interpret and deal with the emotions of others
  3. How you use this knowledge to manage relationships

Upon finishing the course, each participant receives an Emotional Intelligence I.D based on his/her assessment scores. Each field in the ID reflects a certain factor of Emotional Intelligence.

This approach brings the El factors to life, engages the participants and makes them eager to find out who they are. In our 1-day course, we are going to take the participants through the Emotional Intelligence framework. The E.I framework and the participants' scores go hand in hand throughout the course, helping them know where they are.

Target Audience:
Employees in any level in the organization dealing with internal or external customers
Duration :      1 Days
Capacity :      8 -12 Participants
Language :    English & Arabic
Fees :             2,100 EGP

Schedule Runs

2012-08-09 09:00:00
2012-08-09 17:00:00