Time – Make it a Habit


What’s Unique?  

“Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny” Ralph Waldo Emerson Did you know that 45% of our decisions are actually habits? They were decisions that we made at some point, but we stopped making them and continued acting on them. In our research about managing time, we came to the same conclusion, we as human beings are rarely conscious about our time management choices and decisions. We work on auto-pilot. Little did we know that using the tools and techniques or even mind-set are actually part of what we are used to, our habits? Planning is habit, so is procrastination and saying no to distractions. LOGIC is inviting you to a 2-day exploration journey to discover what habits are all about and the 3 habits that lead to a more productive life-style.

Key Learnings
  • Habit 2: “Attention Protection”
  • • Types of attention
  • • Is our attention span shorter than a goldfish?
  • • Technology and the Dopamine Effect
  •  The FOMO syndrome and variable reward
  • • How to protect your attention?
  •  Handle drop-in visitors: Learn to say No
  •  Multi-tasking reduces productivity : Uni-task instead
  •  Delegation :It is not just for managers
  •  Meetings make you feel busy: But they waste your time too, be effective
  •  Technology: It is not all that bad, learn to turn it to your favor
  • Habit 3: “Fuel Up”
  • • Are you headed towards an energy crisis? (Self-Assessment)
  • • Is your capacity equal to your demands - what are you doing about it?
  • • Are you a morning bird or a night owl? - Work with your prime time energy
  • • Habits that re-fuel your energy
  •  Physical
  •  Mental
  •  Spiritual
  •  Emotional

LOGIC Methodology:

TIME training program is built around three learning pillars: Escape room, self-reflection and games. This combination is put to ensure engagement and learning of the participants through-out the 2 days

Participants will be simulating real life, where they have an objective that should be met in a given time. In this one hour escape room participants will be under stress, time pressured and competing against others. The only way to break free is to help the trainer find the secret formula that will help us manage our time better. Will they get stuck or be able to ESCAPE the OFFICE?.

Participants will undergo a number of self -reflective assessments and eye-opening exercises to explore their current status and to help them adopt more productive and healthy habits

Following the escape room, participants will go through a series of activities, competition and role plays to apply the learning and to make sure that they are engaged.

Make it Work

• Slipping back to old habits: The back-up plan

• Willpower: The back bone of maintaining habits

• Put your habits into action.




Program Content:

Make it a Habit *Based on the book the power of habit 

  • The habit loop
  • Why New habits are difficult?
  • work on the Routine: Creating new habits and replaceing old ones

Habit 1: “Seeing Ahead”

• The Work-Life Balance Dilemma

• Getting to the Work-Life Harmony (Assessment)

 Assess your time - Are you investing enough time on what you value?

 Know your roles - To know and manage the expectation of others

• Prioritizing

 Time Matrix - Stop confusing the urgent with important

• Procrastination

 How do procrastinators think?

 What is your procrastination style? (Self- Assessment)

 Personalized strategies to overcome procrastination

Target Audience:

All individuals in any level in the organization and want to increase productivity and wishing to develop more balance and control over time commitments

Duration :      2 Days
Capacity :     8 -16 Participants
Language :    English & Arabic

Schedule Runs

2012-07-25 09:00:00
2012-07-26 17:00:00